Is Working With Family A Bad Idea?

June 22, 2020 by All Jobs List

When you are out of work, you might start to consider some pretty interesting ways to earn money. If you have faced the question of whether or not to work with your family, you might be feeling very conflicted. There are many things to consider when working with family. As with most job opportunities, there will be both pros and cons. Keep reading to learn if working with family is a bad idea.

The Pros of Working With Family

In most cases, a job with family has a much easier hiring process. You can completely by-pass the application and interview process. Your family already knows you and so you can skip this annoying part of your job hunt. 

Another pro to working with family is that in most cases your family will be more lenient with you on aspects such as sick time, or time you need for family issues. Your family will share your concern over these details, whereas a traditional employer will not know your personal life that well, and may not care as much. 

The Cons of Working With Family

One of the most challenging aspects of working with family will be the personal history between you. The same things that will make it easy to get into the job, can also make it hard on a day to day basis to work together. You and your family know each other very intimately, and therefore may not maintain the same type of professional distance which you would with regular co-workers. This can become a problem if this familiarity leads to bickering, fighting, and a lack of boundaries. 

Working with family can be a great idea when everyone respects boundaries and attempts to act professionally at work. If you think that will be impossible, then you might want to consider other employment options. 

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